Tips & Safety

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Never leave children or animals alone in a room with candles that are lit or still hot. Liquid candle wax can inflict serious burns. Keep burning candles out of reach of children.

Never leave burning candles unattended.

Never blow a candle out with a hard 'puff' as this is likely to blow hot wax over the surface beneath or could cause excess burnt parts of the wick to detach. Make sure that no one is near the candle if you choose to blow to extinguish. Always blow gently. We recommend using a snuffer or dipping the wick to extinguish.

Always read and follow the instructions and remove packaging and decorations before lighting.

Keep candles that are lit well apart and make sure that they are supported and remain upright.

Keep candles away from sunlight or other sources of heat.

Keep candles out of draughts when they are lit.

Trim the wicks to about 1/4" before re-lighting, this should avoid smoking and irregular burning.

 Do not try to move lit candles - they will be hot and may burn you. Except in an emergency do not extinguish one of these candles until the surface has turned liquid.

Never attempt to extinguish a candle with water.


If you spill candle wax onto a polished or other smooth surface we suggest you allow it to cool and solidify before attempting to lift it off using a wooden or plastic utensil. You can use warm soapy water to remove our natural soy wax if it spills.

Most candles should be burned 3-4 hours at a time to avoid tunneling of wax.  Allow the wax to liquify and pool on top before you gently blow it out.